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The Avatar Kids project is for children who have to stay in hospital as long-term patients. Connected to the avatar robot Nao, they stay in touch with their schoolmates, friends and family at home. And through him, they can even take part in school lessons in real time.

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For the next steps we have ambitions. By 2022 we will have enough donors to keep this project alive as it is today. Our goal is to make more children happy and able to study despite medical constraints.

The beginning of a new friendship

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Buddy, the successor to NAO, was developed to help disadvantaged children. Buddy is used in schools, universities and workplaces. With Buddy, children can keep in touch with family, as well as friends at school. He is a lovable emotional robot who wins the hearts of the whole family. He offers families a new emotional experience. Buddy has a range of emotions that he expresses naturally as he interacts with family members throughout the day. He is a true companion. Buddy connects, protects and interacts with each family member like a personal assistant.

What is Avatar Kids?

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Avatar Kids is a globally unique pilot project that allows children and young people between the ages of 4 and 18 to stay connected to their school and home environment during their long hospital stay. The avatar robot Nao is the link between school or home and the long-term patient in hospital. The avatar robot represents the child on site and thus enables him or her to be "present" in real time and to participate "live" in the school lessons. The use of the avatar robot Nao is not limited to the classroom: a detachable, portable screen in the form of a Samsung smartphone ensures that the patient can also be present on the playground or on the school trip. Or the family is connected to the child in hospital via tablet. This can be especially important in the evening hours, when small patients are more often alone.
The schools also benefit from this project: they are trained in advance and the little schoolmates take on responsibility by operating and looking after the avatar robot.
The winning appearance of the robot suits the project: Nao touches the children, he really lives for them. This fact is used to do something good for sick children.

What can Avatar Kids do?

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The child in the hospital sees what the avatar robot sees on its Samsung tablet, it hears through it what is being said in the classroom, and it can participate properly in the lessons through child's play remote control. Conversely, the child's voice is transmitted to the classroom through the avatar robot. The child can also choose from a list of emotions, and thus transfer his or her feelings to the avatar robot. Using buttons or tilting the tablet, the child can steer the robot's head in all directions, and if a school friend takes it by the hand, it can even go for a walk.
The teacher also receives a Samsung tablet to operate the avatar robot and, for example, to call up programmes that support her in teaching. The avatar robot can set mathematics tasks, wait for the students' answers, understand them and correct them. It can also read out texts in different languages and be used for German, French and English lessons. Due to its mobility, it is also able to demonstrate gymnastics exercises or dance.

Why Avatar Kids?

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Being in hospital is particularly sad for children. The new daily routine is not only associated with the restrictions of the illness, unfamiliar surroundings and strangers. The time in hospital also separates children from their parents, siblings, friends and schoolmates. This social isolation often takes its toll: especially in the case of young long-term patients, their zest for life suffers enormously, which can have an impact on the course of recovery.
The Avatar Kids project ensures that young patients who have to stay in hospital for a long time are less isolated and remain connected to friends, school and their personal environment.

Would you like to be a donor?

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Together we will find a suitable place for Buddy the robot.  Fill out the contact form and get in touch with us. 
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Do you need a Buddy?

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Do you have a suitable place for Buddy the Robot?
Please let us know if you have a suitable place for Buddy the Robot. Together with the donors we will try to fulfill this wish. You can easily contact us via the contact form. 
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